Want To Improve Your Trade Show Return On Investment? Consider Air Powered Exhibits

Smart marketing managers know that there’s one thing that must be considered when they attend a trade show — the return on investment. There’s a lot of considerations that must be accounted for when figuring your company’s ROI, but one easy way to increase it is to reduce your expenses. Many companies worry that there aren’t a lot of ways to reduce the costs associated with their trade show displays and are surprised to learn that there are — using air powered exhibits over traditional trade show booths.

Air Powered Exhibits Reduce Shipping, Drayage And Storage Fees

These booths can pack up smaller than traditional displays, primarily because there aren’t a lot of pieces associated with them. A table top exhibit, as well as a 10-foot backdrop, can fit into a standard carry-on suitcase and they’re both lightweight enough for one person to carry. Instantly, this can save you up to hundreds of dollars in shipping fees!

Because you’re carrying in your exhibit yourself, you don’t need to worry about expensive drayage or storage fees. If your booth includes more than a 10-foot backwall or a table top exhibit, you might need to ship it, but because the booth weighs less and takes up less space, your costs will be reduced.

Air Powered Exhibits Don’t Require Installation Or Dismantle Services

In addition to reduced shipping, drayage and storage fees, you’ll also find that these booths can reduce your installation and dismantle costs. Many venues have strict rules regarding who can install a trade show booth and these rules can cost a company a lot of money in contractor fees. However, when you use air powered exhibits, you’ll just need to plug the exhibit into a special inflator, flip a switch and let it go. The inflator automatically knows when to stop the flow of air so you won’t need to worry about over or under-inflating your booth. Additionally, the inflator can work with both a plug or a battery pack, which means you’ll be able to use it anywhere, even if there’s no power source.

Air Powered Exhibits Can Reduce Per Diem Costs

Lastly, using these booths can reduce the amount of money that you spend on per diem and lodging for your staff. When you use a traditional exhibit, you’ll need to have someone there at least a day in advance to make sure that the installation goes off without a hitch, as well as have someone stay behind to make sure everything is packed up correctly. However, when you use a booth that takes just a few minutes to install and dismantle, you only need to add in an extra hour or two before and after the event begins and ends. When you’re not adding in extra hotel days, meals and a rental car, you can save a lot of money, increasing your ROI.

Reducing your expenses is an easy way to increase your return on investment. If you’re in the market for a new display, consider buying air powered exhibits over a traditional one.